Thursday, March 1, 2012

MSTRKRFT is so Easy to Love

So the Official Camp Bisco Facebook page posted about MSTRKRFT the other day (a hint? idk), which made me want to post about them sooner rather than later. First off, I LOVE John Legend (click the link to hear the song me and my boyfriend can't help but get down to, if that isn’t awkward or something for you), so when another genre that I love scoops his voice up, I go crazy. Think “Getting Nowhere” from Magnetic Man from 2010. More importantly, think MSTRKRFT's Heartbreaker. Such a great fucking track. So maybe that gives me a little bit more of a bias to say that everything else the duo produces is the coolest thing ever. I also love talking like a robot, so singing along with Easy Love fulfills a wild dream of mine.

Since then, they’ve been remixing Katy Perry, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and Usher…cause I don’t even know how to make love in a club without MSTRKFRT anyway. The two Canadians also split up and do their own work and remixes, then bring it all to the stage, which is the awesomeness we saw at last year’s Camp. Here is a remix of a Bloc Party tune I find really groovy:

Their latest singles were heard last year as well and they are very cool and involve beards and things, so check those out!
And yes, I know they also remixed Green Light… they’re too good to me, really.