Monday, March 5, 2012

The Rage Stool

I probably did not invent this, but I haven’t seen anyone else with a rage stool anywhere I have been so I need to share this highly important information with ya’ll (especially fellow short people)...

Point 1: I am quite short and can only see things when I am on my boyfriend’s shoulders, but then I feel like a dick cause I’m just TOO tall and blocking others’ views of whatever is going on. Yeah I look good and all that, but I’m not gonna show off and make my boyfriend carry me while I wave to anyone who looks at me while I’m 10 feet in the air.

Point 2: Heels suck—they are not even an option, and certainly not for festivals, certainly not for Camp.

Conclusion: THE RAGE STOOL

It’s a foldable, carry-it-like-a-suitcase, light yet durable awesome stool that puts you at the perfect height to see everything you want to see without being a total dick. The one I use has just enough space for me to move my feet around. Most of the boogie is in my butt anyway, so if you dance with your feet all around then this might not be for you.

• You look legit carrying around what looks like a briefcase when you aren’t raging.
• You will get LOADS of compliments.
• You can (and should) decorate it with glowy things or your favorite stickers or your own sweet ass graffiti. Glowy things are good for when you are planning on using it at night, so others don’t trip on your shit.

• Yeah, it’s something else to carry around. But you could add straps to it pretty easily. I think it’s worth it.
• You can rage, because it’s a rage stool, but you can’t rage that hard. Please don’t use as a weapon.
• Really, this is only good for the first day at Camp before the rain and the people-moving makes the ground unfit for stools. It’s great for festivals that are mostly in parking lots (it was AWESOMELY USEFUL at Starscape, good thing I will never go to that festival again because nothing ever compares to Camp.)

I think The Rage Stool is so friggen cool, I brag about it often. Another cool thing is that it’s cheap and you have loads of color/variation choices.
Here are some I picked out for you (take note of the weight limits before investing):
Kikkerland (My Rage Stool, Thanks to the Berenstein Bear Household)

Happy Raging!