Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tents for Sleeping and Cuddling and Dumb Friends

So many fricken tents to choose from.

And it all depends on how many people you want to be cuddling up with at night, or in early day, whenever you do find yourself needing shut-eye. Since we can leave all our bags and random stuff in the car that is only a few feet away from our tent, there is no need for overpowering tents that really are just taking up room from the “patio.” The patio is where everyone in your camp hangs out…perhaps a little enclosure made with your tents surrounding the perimeter, or just the space between your tent and the car to put up some chairs. The patio is a very important part of the camp site, so do not take up more room than you need to with a tent. I will do another post on the patio alone some day, because I saw a lot of very cool hang-out awesome patios at Camp in the past.


Just you? Don’t get claustrophobic or don’t roll around a lot when you sleep? Tents like these are great for solos, are easy to pack in the car because they practically take up no trunk space, and are optimal for conserving patio space. And honestly, if you really wanted to, you could fit two squishy people in them.
Just a space-needing you or one other luvvah/amigo? The 7x5 is like a full bed for campers, and is what I usually use.You can buy these sized tents with pop-up ease, but if you don’t, putting them together is not a bother at all. This option also has plenty of room to roll around in and just enough space to change wardrobes in privacy. Yes, I leave the wardrobe in the car.

A small hand-full of cuddlers? But maybe one smells kind of bad? There are some bigger tents for 4-6 people that have optional and easily assembled little walls on the inside for privacy when you want it. Just remember, the more space you take up for the sleeping, the less space you have for the patio—the pow-wow headquarters

Finally, there are the huge-ass tents. For shitloads of people. Honestly, it’s gonna get a bit smelly. These tents are going to encroach on that patio space a lot, because they are so monstrous:

BUT I think the camping companies caught on to that, because they started making ones WITH PATIOS. So if you need to house a bunch of people but don’t want to lose the patio space, go for something like this:

SOME EVEN HAVE PET DOORS! (for that friend who just can’t figure out the zippers to the tent door)

Whatever you choose to pitch at Camp, remember to respect your neighbors. Don't take up their patio space and stuff. And an important tip not to be underrated: TARPS! UNDER THE TENT! Happy cuddling, even if it's with yourself!