Thursday, March 8, 2012

Ratatatatatatatatatatatat... Ratatat, but not the Pokemon

Ratatat is amazing. Every song of theirs is my favorite song. Their sound is so unique and you can easily chill on the couch and listen or dance your heart out to every track... Ratatat is the ultimate feel-good music. Here is one of their more popular tracks, which will have you roaring:

Now, the Ratatat performance at last year's Camp was just too friggen cool. Their crazy music videos were blown up on a big screen so the recurrences of Fellini, (the albino parakeet, not the Italian), from Party With Children & Neckbrace, and the awkward infomercial people from Drugs were up on the stage that I weirdly could not stop staring at. They also had these smaller screens on each side of the stage that had projections of what looked like Inuit cello players and black women dancing. I thought they were real people for at least half of the show...

This was definitely my favorite set at last year's Camp and it may have actually been the best there all weekend. How do I concur? Because I saw a significant amount of people having sex on the mud dance floor to Ratatat's sweet-love-making-music. This is definitely an indicator of superior awesomenes.

The first Ratatat song I ever heard was Cherry--and my life was instantly changed. If you know this song, I'm sure you felt it too and can agree. If not, PUHLEEEZZZ do yourself the biggest favor and click play (DO NOT FAST FORWARD. DO NOT STOP TIL THE END.)

Okay, now that you are officially a fellow Ratatat worshiper, check out some some vids of them at Camp last year as well as their super cool Hip-Hop/Rap Remixes, like Allure featuring Jay Z and BIG. I'll leave you here with another one of my favorites. Enjoy!