Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Take it Easy, Star, You're an All-Star

With their very awesome reggae covers, from Dub Side of the Moon to the Lonely Hearts Dub Band to Radiodread, Easy Star All-Stars has proven to be a great addition to the Camp Bisco program. Their performance last year on the main stage gave the lineup a much needed dose of ska, dub, and reggae. It’s great to hear those Beatles, Floyd, and Radiohead tracks with some added brass and genre-typical off-beats. The band’s performance cast is constantly rotating to include various members and talent of the reggae and jazz scene, so you never get the same exact thing twice.

No matter who is on stage at the time, the show includes plenty of the feel-good reggae sound as well as the lively Jamaican energy and personality. Last year’s set was raised to a whole ‘nother level once the bassist/singer, Ras I Ray, threw off his cap and brought his dreads out to play. The crowd went wild to see those long locks swaying along behind him. Vocalist Menny More sure was a character on stage as well (he's the one rocking the credential, I don't know why). Here’s a clip of them at Camp last year (Don't Stop the Music):

And here’s one of my favorite tunes from them:

Don’t you love hearin’ that dub at Camp?