Friday, February 24, 2012

Nero--not the software, not the Roman Emperor

For some reason, I am pretty sure I have experienced more Nero appearances than anything else in the past couple years. Maybe it’s not really for no reason—it’s quite possible that the duo is crazy talented and appealing. Actually, I’m positive that they are. From Do You Wanna? to the Philharmonic Dubstep Symphony, Nero has shown off their talents in many ways. A song I particularly have a relationship with is Bad Trip; this song may have caused the first actual bad trip that I couldn’t talk myself out of in my life. At the time I hated it, but now I respect it as some sort of frenemy—it can come to my parties, but it’s not drinking my beer… I can't find a YouTube that isn't a remix, so check it out on .... Myspace... haha

A more recent track that I love is off their last album release, Welcome Reality. Promises was dropped by Skrillex at last year’s Bisco, since he played earlier in the festival than Nero did (which only featured half of the duo), and I think maybe only five people besides my friends and I were singing along. That Grammy-winning midget seemed confused as to why the whole crowd wasn’t shouting the chorus, and admittedly, I was as well. Maybe it was too new, maybe the Skrillex audience only listens to Skrillex, I don’t know… but this is a great track regardless, as are most of the sounds compiled from the past couple years to be put on this album, especially In The Way/This Way, Crush on You, and Guilt. The video is also really cool and it features the super confusing yet innovative technology of the Reactable.

Nero also has some great remixes, other have remixed their tracks, etc… They are a great duo who has been around for a while now. Look forward to their future…