Sunday, February 26, 2012

Nom Nom Nom - Eating at Camp Bisco

Though there are great food vendors dishing out various options for yummy eats, it’s really best to pack your food for the weekend at Camp Bisco. Spending a lot of time dancing and then walking between stages is surely going to get your stomach grumbling, so prepare some food that is easy to eat and more importantly, to digest. The last thing you want during this awesome weekend is nasty gas, nausea, or the shits (all because you brought along the leftover Chinese takeout).
It is definitely cool to bring a small propane grill to cook up some hot dogs and burgers, and I’ll talk about a couple ideal grills in a bit, but I actually found that I never wanted to sit at home base and cook anything. I would rather eat something easier to make and carry around, so I could head right back to the stages. And truthfully, I wanted to eat something that gave me a little more energy than that typical American cookout. So whether you agree or disagree with me here, you can see that when it comes to eating at Bisco, there are lots of ways to go.

I’ll break it down here:
  1. Pack some bread or rolls, get your favorite meats and cheeses from the deli (I love Virginia Ham and Sharp Cheddar Cheese), slice up some tomatoes and grab some lettuce, pack it all in the top of your cooler (for easy access) with some condiments, like Mayo/Miracle Whip and GreyPoop On, and have a weekend with your deli favorites.  I found that I wanted the most basic of tastes, nothing too spicy or crazy to upset my stomach while I was already feelin’ good. (You also have to think about pooping in the portapotties—if that bothers you, don’t eat things that will bring that on.) Besides the sandwiches, pack some snacks like chips and crackers, and fruit when you’ll want something sweet. Apples, oranges and bananas are great to boost your system in the mornings. Just be sure to keep everything in a cool spot!

  2. When it comes to bringing a grill, there are some great propane grills (remember--no fires!!) that are easy to use and don’t take up a lot of room.  The cheapest is the Coleman Fold n Go; it’s small and perfect if you’re cooking for only a couple people.  This one from Blue Rhino is a little bit more expensive, but it’s awesomely equipped with a griddle and a stove, opening up your cooking options a bit more. So pack some dogs and burgers, maybe grab some yummy vegetable or cheese infused patties from the butcher, and don’t forget the buns and condiments. I had a friend who brought steaks last year, but seriously… no one wanted to wait around that long, though the thought was appreciated. Bacon and eggs are surely feasible, too.

    Heck, grill up some pineapple!
  3. Live off the land! Sort of. You are certainly allowed to just eat everything there. There’s enough delicious food choices offered by the vendors there that you won’t have to eat the same thing twice all weekend.  It’s all up to you!
No matter how you plan on eating at Camp, just remember to clean up after yourself. Don’t litter, respect the property, and stay healthy.