Thursday, February 23, 2012

Biscuits from the past, but they sure aren't stale.

How else to start a Bisco Blog than with the beginning of The Disco Biscuits. Here’s an early tune from the 1998 album, Uncivilized Area. I mean, if a guy sang this to me, I’d be floored. How can anyone resist those lines? “Jamillia, I wanna feel ya up and lift your skirt right over your head.”
And to get an idea of how far Camp Bisco has come, check out this performance from Camp IV in 2005. If you’ve been to a recent Camp or Biscuits show (or just looked up videos online), you can see how things have changed, from the lights to the stage design to the visuals…
Yet, even today the attitude of the performance remains the same—everyone still feels good listening and watching. It’s really great to see such an amazing and influential group of musicians keeping that going and furthermore, spreading that tone to other artists. In future posts, you’ll see more recent Disco Biscuits songs and performances that I really like, so until then, get felt up under the skirt by the past.