Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Camp Bisco's 2012 LINEUP IS OUT!!!!!!!

Camp Bisco has always been able to pull in artists from various genres and sub-genres, mash them together in a lineup, and make the weekend a very unique experience. The truth is, that there are a lot of people out there just now getting into the “EDM” craze—newer festivals in the Northeast like Electric Zoo and Electric Daisy Carnival NY are catering to this (mostly young) audience that is springing out of recent popular culture. I’ve been to Zoo, and for some people, the ones that never want to leave the city environment or escape to nature, it works. For me and a lot of music lovers out there, being around trees in the middle of nowhere where there is shitty cell service because who the fuck do we really need to be calling anyway… that’s the way it should be.

This year, Camp Bisco is bringing in big dubstep names, one of which has become a controversial shaker-upper in the music community: Skrillex and Bassnectar. Zed’s Dead and MiM0SA also represent the dubsteppers (as Rusko would say haha).

Some big names in the experimental electronic genre appear as well, such as Brazilian Amon Tobin, who has video game and movie musical scores on his resume. Among others, Crystal Castles and Shpongle’s Masquerade set also represents the genre. There are also great artists representing electro; big names like A-Trak, Simian Mobile Disco, Dada Life, Zedd and Porter Robinson prove that there are plenty of people attending who just want to dance and dance and dance.

Camp always features some great hip-hop and rock as well. This year they’re bringing in Big Boi and Atmosphere as well as Portugal. The Man to change it up some.

The aforementioned and Lotus, Big Gigantic, Mimosa, Holy Fuck, Break Science, (AHHHH too many to love) are only some of the names featured in a bigger font on the flyer, so you can only imagine the amount of awesomeness that is in store.

And there are loads of artists I haven’t even mentioned here because I can only write so much, and I know those big names are what really draw the attention. HOWEVER I cannot stress enough HOW MUCH BETTER YOUR LIFE WILL BE when you expand those ear taste buds and check out those lesser known artists, even if they play music you don’t typically like. Camp is another world and you need to take advantage of it. It’s your chance to grow as a person in ways you can’t really do in everyday life.

As this lovely Bisco weekend grows closer and closer, I will be posting about the big names and the little names that will be taking the stages at Camp this year. So read along, get excited, and if you haven’t already… BUY YOUR TICKET!